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Recently, we published "A Place For Our Future" for Linda Rattner Nunn.
A beautiful paperback book that chronicles the efforts of a Jewish community to build and grow their own synagogue, the North Orange County Chabad, Meir HaCohen Synagogue in Yorba Linda, California.

A Place For Our Future

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Linda Rattner Nunn's appreciative comments on our work:

"When I was in the process of writing my book, I knew that I needed a good publisher. I shopped around a lot before I chose Herb Cohen of ProtoMet Media Publishers to be my publisher.  I bought a “how-to” book that said I could self-publish my book all by myself and it made it sound easy.  Also, I got various quotes from many large, “self-publishing” corporations over the Internet, but they all offered just about the same basic types of publishing services. I couldn’t find any personalized service when I was shopping around until I found ProtoMet Media Publishers."

"What I was looking for was a publisher who was not only knowledgeable, but who would keep me involved with every step in the process of publishing my book. What I really wanted was a publisher who honestly believed in the merits of my book!  I would enthusiastically recommend ProtoMet Media Publishers to anyone who wants excellent, professional advice on the best ideas for a high-quality, finished product."

"There are a million decisions that must be made while getting a book ready for print. I have learned that it is extremely important to have a publisher whom you can trust.  Herb Cohen’s company offers many services, from graphic design of the book cover to professional, digital photography editing. Instead of hiring many different people to do each different job, ProtoMet Media Publishers has the resources to do it all and to do it beautifully!"

"Based upon my own personal experience, Herb Cohen of ProtoMet Media Publishers is the best in the business and you will be very proud of your finished book. If anyone has any questions on how to get their book published, please feel free to write to me through ProtoMet Media Publishers."

Linda Rattner Nunn

Linda is a very satisfied customer and you will be too! Guaranteed!
We stand behind our commitment to our authors.

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